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Servicing the greater Tallahassee area in cleaning Dirty Ducts Dryer Vents.

Clothes dryers start more residential fires than any other appliance in the home.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates there are more than 24,000 dryer fires each year in the United States, totaling more than 91 million in property damage annually. Lack of dryer vent maintenance is the leading cause of dryer fires. Lint can be a hidden fire hazard and is the material most likely to ignite.

Even a cleaned lint screen does not trap all of the debris while drying clothes. When lint builds up in dryer vents, the dryer motor has to work harder and could overheat, igniting the lint.

It isn't just clothes-dryer vent hoses that need to be checked. Clogged lint-screens, disconnected or ripped dryer-vent hoses, crushed hoses behind the clothes dryer, poor dryer-vent design, screens placed over the exhaust point, use of white plastic vent hoses instead of aluminum foil ones-all produce the same blockage, and all cause dryer fires. Even bird nests in dryer vents are possible.

All these problems are preventable with seasonal vent inspections and cleanings if necessary. And if a problem is found, can be solved saving consumers from a possible house fire and thousands of dollars in damages.